Nova Verno Fabula

Where and which part of land shall I go to succeed?

AGENT: Hunter Tiberius Wormsbecker, Pilot; Unit 00 Cassiel
OFFICER: Katerina Ilsa Rasmussen, Captain, Operations Director

We got three new pilots; Alex Volkanov, Cailtin Abrams, and Anna Fitz-Apple. Returned to base following airport arrival, mission commenced upon arrival. Third God Stalos arrived outside of Winterthur Absolute Defense Line, Angels deployed immediately.

Pilot Fitz-Apple unable to deploy for reasons unknown – Unit 02 Sariel remained in dock at Geofront.

Proposed strategy: surround target at range from hillsides – Unit 01 Kushiel engaged in close-range despite direct instruction, and was summarily defeated. Injuries sustained to Kushiel primarily to cranial area and thoracic region, including massive spinal trauma. Injuries to pilot moderate.

Mission completed, time 7m, 22s. Unit 00 Cassiel destroyed target through use of M7 Handcannon strike to “Core Region” of target. Pilot of Cassiel disembarked upon God’s defeat and retrieved pilot of Kushiel, retreated field upon retrieval of pilot.

Pilot Abrams traveled within Entry Plug of Cassiel with Pilot Wormsbecker; former taken directly to medical care upon return to Geofront.

Pilot Abrams remained in light coma for 3 days; injuries not life-threatening nor long-term.


Pilot Abrams discharged from medical care, arrived at 43 Forsterstrasse. No report of pilot Fitz-apple since deployment Sept. 3rd. It was four days where was she? REDACTED

Captain Rasmussen distributed monthly stipend to pilots; upon departure with pilots Volkanov and Abrams to go “shopping”, pilot Wormsbecker overheard Cpt. Rasmussen discuss emergency within Nerv Headquarters over cellular device. Information revealed the disappearance and violent reappearance of pilot Fitz-apple.

Pilots Abrams, Volkanov, and Wormsbecker dispatched themselves via security team to investigate disturbance.

Pilots gained entrance to Nerv Headquarters through unsecured ventilation shaft, entered A-wing. Upon arrival in computer lab, sighted small figure in corridor, and upon investigation, discovered trail of LCL fluid.

Pilots followed LCL trail through A-wing despite direct orders; approached figure believed to be pilot Fitz-apple. Upon turning a corner, found a nude female form standing in center of corridor, facing pilot Wormsbecker, excreting LCL from all orifices. Figure had strong resemblance to pilot Fitz-apple; pilot Wormsbecker retreated momentarily but figure has disappeard; trail of LCL remained.

LCL trail led pilots to elevator bank; figure appeared second time and beckoned Wormsbecker into elevator. Elevator activated with pilots within, and descended without input to level T. DOGMA.

Level was entirely devoid of light. Trail of LCL persisted. Pilots followed trail with aid of light from mobile device. A voice persisted in the darkness asking “Anna?” continuously reverberated in the space, growing louder as pilots followed LCL; lights came on to reveal roughly 50 Angelic forms in various stages of collapse and decay, and small female figure in distance.

Pilot Volkanov yelled “Anna!” to figure, upon which all Angelic forms turned to face pilots. Pilot Volkanov voided contents of stomach at this point. Figure disappeared from area floor and reappeared several feet behind pilots upon viewing platform.

Pilot Wormsbecker questioned the form, asking what had happened to it. Figure resembling pilot Fitz-apple replied in a prophetic manner: “Thus spake Zarathustra; we are the children of Ahriman, the growth and chaos; orderly Orhmazd is coming, and sends his yazata against us. There will be seven and one, and mightily they shall howl against the children of Ahriman. Thus spake Zarathustra.”

Pilot Volkanov, distressed by figure, threw a stapler (taken from A-wing) at female form, despite a direct order from pilot Wormsbecker to not do so. Upon impact, the figure moaned and began to “melt” away into pool of LCL. Anna gradually became more transparent at this point, possibly composed entirely of LCL. Pilot Wormsbecker ran towards … dissolving…? figure, but was too late to converse with form upon arrival. Final moments of contact: figure reached towards pilot Wormsbecker, seemed to be crying.

Approximately 30-45 seconds later, security personnel arrived in Terminal Dogma level, and secured Pilots.



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