Ballistic Ranged Weapons

Ballistic (Tier 1)
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Cost
M-7 Handcannon Pistol 30dam WKS 1 6 1Action Compact 1 WUP
M-99 AU Assault Rifle Basic 50dam Spray1 WKS 0 6 1Action 1 WUP
EM-266 Gatling Gun Heavy 30dam Spray2 W+2KS 0 20 2Full Cannot Aim 3 WUP
Ballistic (Tier 2)
M-8 Handcannon Pistol 40dam Spray 1 W+1KS 1 6 1Action Compact 14 WUP
P-8 Carbine Basic 60dam Spray 2 W+1KS 1 18 1Action 14 WUP
Rocket Rifle Basic 150dam W+2KS 2 3 1Action Area2 16 WUP
Linear Rail Mounted Heavy Railgun Heavy Spotter W+3KS 3 4 2Full See Text 18 WUP
Ballistic (Tier 3)
Anti-Angel Bazooka Heavy 500dam W+4KS 1 4 2Full Area4 24 WUP
MM-114 Rail Crossbow Basic 150dam Spray 2 W+2KS 2 8 1Full Precise 24 WUP

Pallet Rifle
Colloquially known as the Pallet Rifle, the officially designated MM-99 AU Assault Rifle is the first firearm ever manufactured for Angel scale use. In order to account for every possibility of an God combat situation, unprecedented amounts of time and money went into designing the perfect standard combat rifle that all Angel weaponry would follow. Incorporating elements of all the most successful rifles throughout history, the Pallet Rifle is a durable and lightweight bullpup configuration carbine with multiple selective fire settings and entirely ambidextrous components. It would be heralded as the UN’s crown jewel and a multinational pinnacle of firearms technology, if it weren’t for one thing: it is only barely effective at killing Gods. The utter ineffectiveness of conventional ballistic shells in combat against the Angels has ensured that the Pallet Rifle is the first, and last, of its kind.

M-7 Handcannon
Designed as a “hold-out” sidearm to be distributed to Angels entering combat along with the Pallet Rifle, the M-7 is just as superbly designed as its intended companion. The compact frame fits perfectly into the slightly disproportionate hands of an Angel, and is built to be easily stored in a wing dock for quick release. Despite its small size, it manages to chamber and fire massive cartridges originally designed as shells for battleship deck cannons at an astounding effective range. The internal components are also cleverly constructed using interchangeable parts with the Pallet Rifle to ensure ruggedness, reliability, and easy maintenance. Unfortunately, it shares another trait with its partner system; it is also a woefully inadequate weapon for combating Angels, only causing marginally more damage per shot, with a much smaller ammo capacity.

Gatling Gun
The ‘EM-266 Angel Revolving Multi-Barrel Machine Gun’ was the first heavy weapons platform designed for Angel “Man Portable” use. Created and manufactured during the initial wave of Angel firearms production, the Angel-sized Gatling Gun utilizes many of the same design principles that went into the Pallet Rifle and the Handcannon. Incorporating interchangeable parts, redundant electric motors and drive chains, high performance recoil-dampening muzzle breaks, lightweight polymer and carbon fibre construction, and internal liquid nitrogen barrel cooling systems, it fires colossal rounds at a blistering rate from a drum magazine inserted under the weapon, making it an absolutely devastating weapon when used against just about anything . . . but an God. While specialty ammunition can turn it into a respectable weapon, the mass produced default shells have such poor ballistics as to make them even less effective than the Pallet Rifle individually.

P-8 Carbine
Representing the two generation leap in technology between its construction and that of its predecessor, the Powered-8 Carbine is massively improved over the Pallet Rifle in nearly every respect. Discarding conventional, gas driven ballistics, the P-8 applies the same electromagnetic rail technology employed in the Angel launch elevators to discharge solid metal flechettes at supersonic velocities with the range and firing speed of an assault rifle. Though the rounds themselves are smaller than that of the Pallet Rifle, the new technology surpasses the old weapon’s rate of fire and penetration, and triples its ammo capacity while sacrificing nothing in reliability or versatility, making it a perfect standard weapon system.

Rocket Rifle
The Rocket Rifle is a somewhat unusual, gun sized device resembling a grenade launcher mixed with an anti-armor rifle. Repurposing the old, unsuccessful concept of gyroscopically stabilized rocket-propelled ammunition, the original bullet design found itself replaced with a warhead tip packed with powerful high- explosives. Overall ammo capacity is small, but each shot packs a tremendous punch for a weapon as portable as a rifle. The self stabilized rockets also lend the weapon an extreme range and unfaltering accuracy, though the blast range should be watched carefully.

Heavy Railgun
When new, experimental technology proves to be wildly successful as a weapon, the most natural progression is to then build the biggest gun one can possibly make out of it. The simply named “Heavy Railgun” is little more than an enormous series of electromagnetic plates and rails forming a rectangular, open “barrel”. Requiring a colossal bank of high performance generators and electrical capacitors, the Heavy Railgun is too heavy to be easily portable without specialized shock absorbing braces found in the Heavy Chassis. Otherwise, it would be more than capable of knocking over an Angel unit with its tremendous recoil! The multi-ton, ferrous jacketed slugs it fires are heavy enough to have to be mechanically loaded one by one, but when fired, are capable of punch through even heavy armor at great distance. The force of such mass at such speed seems to be hard for even an Soul Field to handle!

Anti-Angel Bazooka
Though nothing much more than a simple up-scaling of the previously successful Rocket Rifle, the Anti-Angel Bazooka is a fearsome weapon. With the extra space and weight allowances provided by its redesign into a heavy weapons platform, the rockets the weapon carries in its
vertically inserted magazine rack are nearly triple the size of the Rocket Rifle, and are capable of detonating with enough force to level city blocks. Though the name indicates the project’s original direction (a weapon system meant to be used in the situation of a hostile nation attacking with an Angel) the Anti-Angel Bazooka finds much more frequent use blowing Angels to itty-bitty pieces.

MM-114 Rail Crossbow
The MM-114 Superelectromagnetic Crossbow represents the apex of rail weapon technology. Though built of all metal, rifle type construction, the MM-114 is aptly named. A collapsible magnetic field generation resides in two ports near the end of the weapon, extending outwards like the arms of a crossbow when in use. A projected “string” of electrical current magnetically accelerates the round to the firing port, where the generated field stabilizes it as it launches. The typical rounds loaded by the MM-114 are stacks of six meter long spikes of solid, fin stabilized steel that fly at such high velocity as to shed some of their weight as partially molten metal in flight.

Ballistic Ranged Weapons

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