Collateral Damage

An Angel-scale fight involves a level of firepower that is truly devastating. Even a conservative fight can lead to massive damage to the Angel’s surroundings. By either the use of especially destructive attacks, reckless fighting, or simple bad luck, the battleground surrounding an Angel can quickly become a pile of burning rubble. In addition, maintaining the Angels themselves requires resources on a scale usually dedicated to entire wars, and any damage to them often takes more to repair than an entire city block. As the battle goes on, Collateral Damage will be incurred. As the fight progresses, consult the following list and keep a tally of how many collateral damage points are gained by the end of the battle. This total will be important during the post-battle stage.

Length of Battle Short (1-7 Rounds) Medium (8-14 Rounds) Long (15-21 Rounds) Very Long (22+ Rounds)
Per participating E scale combatant 1 Collateral 2 Collateral 3 Collateral 4 Collateral
Per primarily melee attacker combatant 2 Collateral 4 Collateral +2 Collateral* 6 Collateral +4 Collateral* 8 Collateral +6 Collateral*
Per primarily ranged attacker combatant (60-BS*10)/10 Collateral (80-BS*10)/10 Collateral (100-BS*10)/10 Collateral (120-BS*10)/10 Collateral
Per separate weapon repeatedly used on Semi or Auto fire RoF/4 Collateral RoF/3 Collateral RoF/2 Collateral RoF Collateral
Per separate Area of Effect weapon/attack repeatedly used** (Blast Rating or Line
Width) Collateral
(Blast Rating or Line Width)*2 Collateral (Blast Rating or Line Width)*3 Collateral (Blast Rating or Line Width)*4 Collateral
Per combatant having lost a limb 2 Collateral 4 Collateral 6 Collateral 8 Collateral
Per combatant defeated/killed 2 Collateral 4 Collateral 6 Collateral 8 Collateral
Per instance of Angel Berserk 1 Collateral 3 Collateral 5 Collateral 7 Collateral

*If melee combatant primarily used Multiple Attack Actions (Two Weapon Wielding, Swift Attack, Furious Assault, etc.)

**Area of Effects generated only once (such as an Angel’s core exploding) simply deals its Blast rating in Collateral Damage.

Collateral Damage

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