• Body 3
    • Weapon 2
    • Parry 2
    • Athletics 6
  • Coordination 3
    • Agility 1
    • Ballistics 1
  • Sense 2
    • Perceive 2


  • dodge at no multi-penalty
  • fate with toughness 5
  • fear rating 3
  • Miracle: block 5d
  • Bite: WKS+2, pen 3, auto-grapplies
Roll Location AR Wounds
10 Head 3 10
9 Core 3 15
1-8 Body 3 25

Gaghiel represents a dangerous threat, but only within its specific area of influence. With its
deadly jaws, incredible speed, and large pool of health, Gaghiel is a terror to fight in the
water. This is doubly true for Evangelions not properly equipped for underwater combat.
Against a properly equipped force, Gaghiel still presents a difficult fight at it has wounds to
spare and may easily Grapple the Evangelions in the course of its normal attacks.
Gaghiel does present the problem of being a very specific encounter. Unless you are
transporting something of great value across the sea, it is likely that Gaghiel in his aquatic
form will never be encountered as a threat to the Evas directly. How would Gaghiel attack
your Base of Operations, when your Base of Operations is on land? Otherwise, you might
simply present Gaghiel as an Angel terrorizing Sea traffic in general, which the Evangelions
are called in to dispose of. In either case, players will likely know exactly what they are
fighting long before their character’s do.
Possible modifications to Gaghiel include giving it the ability to fly, which allows it to be a
threat anywhere. Similarly, one might give Gaghiel the ability to generate amphibious
Angelspawn (of Average size), which it sends out of the sea to attack Nerv HQ in its place
while it remains safe within its area of dominance, or occasionally threaten Nerv with some
form of long ranged attack that it assaults the base with from the sea.


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