Maser Weaponry

Maser (Tier 1)
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Cost
MAS Pistol Pistol 40dam Spray1 W+2K 0 30 1Full Compact 5 WUP
MAS Rifle Basic 80dam Spray2 W+2K 0 30 1Full 5 WUP
HELIOS Rifle Basic 150dam W+2K 1 10 1Full +1d Aim 7 WUP
Maser (Tier 2)
MAS Repeater Basic 80dam Spray2 W+2K 1 40 1Full 8 WUP
MAS Tactical Pistol 80dam Spray1 W+2K 1 10 1Full See Text 10 WUP
HELIOS Annihilator Heavy 50dam W+3K 2 10 Area3, Burn, Slow1 12 WUP
Maser (Tier 3)
HELIOS Pistol Pistol 40dam W+3K 2 1 1Full Slow1, Compact 17 WUP
Siege Maser Heavy * W+4K 4 5 1Full See Text 21 WUP

Maser Weapons do a minimum of 4 damage

MAS Rifle
Of the two separate energy weapon projects commissioned by the Consortium, MAS was the first to deliver a working prototype. As such, it was the MAS Rifle that set the standard for maser technology. Mainly composed of compact electrical systems dispersed throughout an ergonomic gunframe, the entire weapon has almost no moving parts, and is incredibly lightweight. Power is supplied to the weapon via portable batteries that are inserted into the gun’s charging port like a magazine, and similarly discarded when drained. Being the archetypal maser weapon, the MAS Rifle boasts greater range and accuracy than a solid projectile weapon, and stores enough power in its battery for a staggering number of shots. What it lacks in stopping power, it makes up for in its general ability to penetrate armor to cook the flesh beneath.

Not to be left behind, the HELIOS project sought to compete with MAS by aiming for a different application of maser technology entirely. While delivering comparable damage to the MAS Rifle per shot, HELIOS provides a much tighter beam allowing for greater armor
penetration and a dramatically improved range. This increase, however, is not without price, and is draining on the battery. While an excellent long ranged weapon, it lacks the rate of fire and ammo capacity of its MAS counterpart. Despite these setbacks, the weapon proved successful in the field, and this style of maser weapon would prove to be definitive of weapons developed by the HELIOS project in the future.

MAS Pistol
The MAS Pistol uses almost all the same internals as the rest of the MAS series and functions at almost exactly the same capacity, with only a small reduction in effective range due to the shorter focal array necessary to fit the weapon into wing dock storage. Though it is a lower powered weapon than more conventional handguns, its staggering rate of fire, high ammo capacity, and supreme reliability make it a popular backup weapon.

MAS Repeater
Unable to compete with the sheer power of HELIOS produced weapons, MAS instead took refuge in their advantage in rate of fire. And the MAS Repeater certainly has rate of fire to spare. Firing a relatively weak maser hundreds of times per second, it generates considerable heat buildup on the target area. Dealing with a weaker beam, the weapon requires less heat shielding and other heavy equipment, making it easily gripped in a single hand. Why representatives from HELIOS delight in pointing out the pitiful damage be shot comparison to their products, the MAS Repeater proves that quantity has a quality all its own.

MAS Tactical
During development of the repeater, experimentation with different beam frequencies revealed that radiation buildup could occur on the target area after certain alternating beam frequencies. It was not until after the Repeater was completed that the potential for this “side effect” was realized. By intentionally creating a tiny, controlled and pinpoint-accurate radiation flare on the surface of the target of a pre-determined isotope type, the maser weapon could “tag” a point on the enemy that would be very easily tracked and targeted by any sufficiently advanced monitoring equipment. Such as that available to the Consortium and the Magi. Whenever this weapon strikes an enemy, regardless if damage is dealt, it is as if that enemy was the target of a Markerlight.

HELIOS Annihilator
Almost entirely eschewing focal components, this shoulder-mounted bulk of the weapon is equipped with a wide bore firing lens. The HELIOS Maser Annihilator represents maser technology at its unrefined, raw potential: laying flaming waste to entire swaths of land by bombarding every square inch of its surface with penetrating radiation. Though it is classed as a heavy weapon, the relatively light weight afforded by maser technology allows it to be easily portable and require no special firing setup. However, as expected of all proprietary HELIOS technology, the strength of the weapon is not without cost. The HELIOS Annihilator has a very strictly enforced mandatory cool down period between shots built into its hardware. The alternative, as MAS gleefully reminds the Consortium, is “massive explosion”.

The HELIOS Pistol is an unusual weapon for its classification, and reeks of being rushed and poorly planned (even for HELIOS). The first and only pistol class weapon ever created by HELIOS, it is hard to feel that they did not somewhat miss the point. Producing an incredibly high-intensity beam, the HELIOS pistol exceeds the destructive potential, armor penetration, and even SF Penetration of all but the heaviest maser weapons that came before it. While very impressive on a per-shot comparison, it has the distinct disadvantage of having to be manually reloaded after every firing. It does not so much drain its internal battery as it does destroy it. Sometimes, this proves to be too much for the weapon as a whole to handle, causing what HELIOS advertises as “occasional bonus energy release”.

Siege Maser
Consortium, in a rare show of intelligence, sold the plans it bought from HELIOS to MAS once they witnessed the destructive potential of the weapon. They just wanted a version that didn’t explode. MAS built something much different. By using the same platform as the HELIOS Annihilator, the Siege Maser wields a similar level of pure, destructive potential, but in a totally opposite fashion. Taking a more unwieldy, distinctively cannon-like shape makes the Siege Maser significantly less portable than its counterpart; requiring a direct uplink to an Angel’s targeting software to utilize the incredibly complex systems that account for its length. The benefit is that the Siege Maser can generate a continuous beam of unparalleled intensity over distances measured in triple digit kilometers. Using the high-energy output indicative of HELIOS technology, it can maintain this devastating “death ray” almost indefinitely, lending itself perfectly to prolonged, precision bombardments. The longer you shoot at a thing, the more damage you do.

Maser Weaponry

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