N2 Shells

N2 Shell (Tier 1)
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Cost
Shellgun Basic 30dam Wx2S+1K 0 8 1Full 8 WUP
N2 Shell (Tier 2)
Heavy Pistol Pistol 20dam Wx2S+2K 1 3 1Full Compact 16 WUP
Railshell Rifle Basic 60dam Wx2S+2K 1 3 2Full Aim +1d 20 WUP
N2 Shell (Tier 3)
Supershell Launcher Heavy * WK+Wx2S 2 1 1Full Area6 28 WUP
Shellcannon Heavy 30dam Spray3 Wx2S+4K 1 20 1Full Inaccurate, See Text 42 WUP

These high-explosive rounds inflict double their Width in Shock damage

Being the ancestor of all N2 Shell weaponry, the Shellgun’s simplistic name belies its groundbreaking function. An exceedingly heavy and bulky rifle with an angular and uncomfortable profile, the Shellgun lays dubious claim to a tragically uncontrollable recoil, which greatly limits its range. In reality, the Shellgun is simply a crude, experimental vehicle for the real genius of its design. The rounds fired by the Shellgun, despite their weight and size, are not slugs but rather bullet shaped containment shells for almost insignificant antimatter charges, inactive until the impact of the round striking its target destroys the fragile stasis equipment and allows annihilation to occur. The resulting explosion is only a tiny spark compared to an N2 mine, but still boasts a greater release of energy than any chemical explosive of comparable size. Though the Shellgun itself is a substandard weapon in all respects, it is still indescribably lethal to anything on the business end of the barrel.

Heavy Pistol
Even as a compact pistol, the Heavy Pistol’s trademark size, heft and poor balance unmistakably give away as an N2 Shell weapon. Since nothing of a pistol’s size would be capable of propelling an N2 shell any distance, the Heavy Pistol is instead design to fire specially prepared N2 Shells in custom rocket-propelled casings. Even though the construction barely leaves room for a revolving chamber mechanism, never mind a magazine, the Heavy Pistol is the last word in sheer firepower per shot in a compact weapon.

Railshot Rifle
Accomplishing what was once thought impossible, the Railshot Rifle managed to mix two previously exclusive technologies. Railgun technology has always specialized in moving very small objects very fast, but that same technology repurposed has managed to launch standard N2 Shells only moderately fast, which is still a huge improvement over other firing mechanisms. This weapon is still, however, essentially a prototype, and leaves much to be desired in both ammunition capacity and rate of fire.

Supershell Launcher
Modified from the Anti-Eva Bazooka, the Supershell Launcher larger, self contained antimatter charges that are as large as the Consortium could get away with without classifying them as WMDs. Effectively an advanced cruise missile, a Supershell can easily be fired over the horizon, or even low orbital range. More than one nation argues that putting such a weapon in the hands of the Angels is an incredibly dangerous step towards arming them to fight other humans. Nevertheless, its effectiveness at annihilating Gods, as well as everything immediately around them, cannot be denied.

Building off of the success of the Railshell Rifle, the Shellcannon represents the pinnacle of N2 Shell weapons technology that the project has been aiming for since the beginning: a simple and effective delivery system capable of firing N2 Shells at a steady and rapid rate of fire. Indeed, that is all the Shellcannon is good for, being incapable of any other firing mode! The size of the ammunition, combined with its rate of fire, required an ammunition cache external to the weapon itself. As such, the actual ammo cache is carried on the Angel’s back, giving it the Mounted quality, and is belt fed into the Shellcannon itself.

N2 Shells

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