Specific Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons: Specific (Tier 1)
Name Class Hands Damage Penetration Special Cost
Progressive Knife Mk1 Melee 1 WK 2 Compact 1 WUP
Tonfa Melee 1 WKS 0 +1d Parry, Compact 1 WUP
Melee Weapons: Specific (Tier 2)
Progressive Knife Mk 2 Melee 1 WK 3 Compact 4 WUP
Core Knife Melee 1 W+1 K 2 Compact 3 WUP
Sonic Guillotine Melee 1 See Text Compact, Throwing, See Text 6 WUP
Melee Weapons: Specific (Tier 3)
Magorake-E Sword Melee 2 W+2 KS 3 +1d Parry 12 WUP

Progressive weapons do a minimum of 3 damage

Core Knife
If the Core Knife ever deals Critical Damage, the Angel can choose to plunge in the knife into the wound, causing the separate blades to snap off of the hilt and, through their own progressive vibration, burrow their way into the target in four separate directions, dealing massive internal damage to the target. This destroys the Knife, but deals an extra 5 Critical Rending Damage to the struck body part.

Progressive Knife MK I
The standard issue melee weapon of the Angels, Progressive Knives represent one of the best reasons to get in close to the enemy. The blade of a Progressive Knife vibrates at a speed that causes such extreme friction with the air around it to make glow white hot. AProgressive Knife can cut through most things like paper, and even heavily armored targets can be taken down with a well struck blow. Each Angel begins play with a Progressive Knife.

Progressive Knife MK II
Utilizing recent advances in progressive technology, the Mark 2 Prog Knife has a blade built out of smaller, independent, progressive sections of blade. This not only results in a significant increase in the knife’s destructive potential with no increase in size, but also allows the knife to continue operating after a section of blade has been snapped off. To this end, the standard knife design has been replaced by one rather like a boxcutter in design. Whenever the weapon would be destroyed, as a free action the Angel may extend another section of progressive blade segments from the hilt and continue using it. However, each knife only carries enough spare segments to do this once. If the knife would be destroyed a second time before the knife can be repaired, the knife is destroyed as normal.

Progressive Sword
Until recently, large progressive weapons were impossible to build. Or, more accurately, possible to build but impossible to wield without breaking them. The Progressive Sword, also known as “MagorokE(xterminate) Sword”, heralds a new age of weapons technology by finally mastering a scaled-up version of the Progressive Knife. While a powerful cutting weapon, it is rather heavy and requires both hands.

Sonic Guillotine
One of the more esoteric weapons in the Consortium’s arsenal, resonance drill technology uses oscillation technology not unlike that found in progressive weapons to create a destructive resonance in the target. While a stunningly effective weapon, the resonators used are fragile, and when applied to Angel scale quickly break under the strain. Even worse, the process requires two resonators on opposite sides of the target for the effect to be created, making its implementation in any form of conventional weapon impossible. The Sonic Guillotine, however, is not a conventional weapon. The set of two poles, each containing a series of resonance emitters, are meant to be placed on opposite sides of a target and then activated remotely. Each pole is collapsible, and may fit into a Wing with the Wing Loadout (Storage) upgrade. Sadly, each wing can only store one compact pole at a time, requiring the other pole to be stored elsewhere. For obvious reasons, a common tactic is to give the other pole to an ally for a synchronized attack. If the pole is already in hand, it may be planted in the ground as a reaction action. If still stored in a wing, it may be retrieved and planted in the ground as part of the same half action. If both poles have been planted in the ground, and are within 10 dam of each other, they activate. Anything directly in between the two poles immediately takes 1d10 R Critical damage to the body, regardless of how many wounds they still have. This ‘attack’ may be deflected by a Soul Field as normal, but may not be dodged. Keep in mind that while this imposes the effects of the listed critical damage, the enemy maintains their remaining normal wounds on the body, and such wounds must still be addressed before more critical damage may be applied as normal. These poles may be thrown as a spear, and due to internal gyroscopes are considered to be planted in any space in which they land. After activating, the poles are rendered useless until repaired.

A heavy club designed to align parallel to the arm rather than perpendicular when held. If more than one Tonfa is wielded at a time, the user gets a +2d bonus to parry in place of the normal +1d from Balanced.


Name Class Hands Damage Penetration Special Cost
Progressive Knife Mk III Melee 1 W+2KS 3 Compact, See Text 16
Sonic Glaive SHV Melee 2 W+2 KS 3 Precise, Throwing 10
CB-102 Thunder Spear Melee 2 W+4KS 4 Precise, Unwieldy, See Text 16
XLS-Vizen Melee 2 W+3KS 4 Balanced, See Text 16
Counter Sword Melee 1 W+1KS 3 Balanced, See Text 12

Progressive Knife Mk III
With the advent of Hyper Progressive technology, it was only natural that the first model of weapon to use it would be the classic Progressive Knife. With the key differences in combat operation between Progressive and Hyper Progressive weaponry, the knife has lost much of its sturdy, triangular bulk, becoming thinner and straighter and thus allowing a second blade to be kept inside the hilt in case the primary blade breaks. Should the blade break, the backup can be extended as a Free Action. Refitting a blade only adds back a single blade, not both.

Sonic Glaive SHV
Attempts at mounting the Progressive Knife II as a spearhead proved unsuccessful, as the stress of direct stabbing too often proved too much for the metal already strained to the limit by its Hyper Progressive vibration. The solution was to mount a specialized head based on the Progressive Knife SHV meant entirely for slashing. Though titled a glaive, the weapon performs more like a naginata, with quick, sweeping motions. This weapon can reach one 10dam hex away.

CB-102 Thunder Spear
The Thunder Spear takes even Hyper Progressive technology to the limit; dedicated the vast majority of the weapon’s bulk to the charging system and Progressive emitter to create the most powerful resonance possible. Taking the shape of a rifle with suitable grips for downward or forward, two handed thrusting rather than a trigger, the Thunder Spear is loaded with a folding “bayonet” in place of a head. The bayonet stays folded into the weapon and is deployed shortly before use. The incredible power of the Hyper Progressive resonance is easily capable of piercing straight through anything with consummate ease, but is also all but guaranteed to shatter the blade in the process. Each attack with the Thunder Spear, whether successful or not, destroys the blade.

The absolute pinnacle of Progressive weapons technology, the XLS-Vizen, otherwise known as the Bizenosofune, is the definitive completion of the Magarok E(xterminate), is as much a work of art as it is a weapon. Refined from a simple, upsized Progressive Knife, the XLS-Vizen handles like a sword created by a master smith and passes through flesh, bone and armor plate alike as a knife through hot butter, and has dropped much of its bulk to become a slim and graceful blade reminiscent of a high-tech dai-katana. The new Hyper Progressive action allows it to glide effortlessly through solid steel, but being such a large weapon, makes a mishandling much more dangerous. The blade of the XLS-Vizen shatters on a Weapon Skill Test failed by a single Degree of Failure, and is so large that a replacement must be stored or delivered as a Basic weapon.

Counter Sword
Originally slated as a counterpart system to the Magarok E(xterminate), the Counter Sword saw enough difficulty during its design process to be almost completely scrapped until the advent of Hyper Progressive technology. The Counter Sword is the wakizashi to the Magarok’s katana. Similar in most respects, but a much shorter and quicker blade overall. Though its length prevents it from fitting into a wing holster, its supreme quickness and maneuverability confers it the benefit of the Compact quality for the purposes of attacking with two weapons. Created from the ground up as a partner system to the Magarok E(xterminate), the Counter Sword is specifically designed to complement the larger blade, and when wielded alongside of it confers this benefit to both weapons.

Specific Melee Weapons

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