The Game System

HEY! So some people from /tg/ are still linking in here, which is great! Just a foreword on that, then; feel free to use these rules, but keep in mind that they are still incomplete and quite imperfect. Some of the enemy stats are ridiculous, and the power that a well-built ranged character can bring to the table is pretty stupid. If you want to GM this, you have to work with your players to have it stay fresh and balanced. Most of the time, however, it’s quick and easy. Remember to narrate lots!

  • Leveling and Advancing your Character
    • Continuing to play, building on your plot, and becoming stronger.

But what if I’m an Operations Director, you ask? Then I say to you, come this way…

The List

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One Roll Engine by Greg Stolze
Adeptus Evangelion by Black Mesa Janitor (BMJ01) and crew

The Game System

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