Weapon Qualities

On a successful hit, a weapon with the Absorbing quality lowers the target’s Miracle dice in Block by 2 until the end of their next turn.

This energy attack, when used on single shot, automatically succeeds its roll to hit with as much Width and Height as last round if it successfully hit the target last round. A new action must still be spent on ‘maintaining’ the single, continuous attack. Deflection and dodge is assumed to resolve in exactly the same manner as it did in the previous round.

When the weapon is purchased, pick a second weapon from the General weapons list. The weapon may change shape to that weapon, or revert to its original shape at any time. The pilot must pay for both weapons individually, but any upgrades applied to either of the the weapon’s forms apply to the other as long as it would be a valid upgrade for that weapon.

On a successful hit that deals at least 1 damage after AR, the target must test Dodge or be set on fire. This trait may only be applied to weapons that deal Energy damage. Regardless of how many times this is triggered, the target need only test Dodge once per round at most. The target takes 1 point of Shock damage to all locations while aflame.

Through various space-saving design traits, the weapon is much smaller, lighter, and easier to control than its class would suggest. Though it is still designed to be wielded like a rifle, it can, if necessary, be used like a much smaller weapon, such a pistol or submachine gun. Basic weapons with the Carbine Quality impose only a -1d penalty when wielded single-handedly, rather than the normal -2d.

A crude but effective form of attack, this weapon has traded any fine edge it might have had to instead mount a high-speed diamond-tipped titanium chain. Which effective at tearing through all but the toughest of metals, it can’t be fought with like traditional weapon as it does its damage via surface contact rather than cleaving into the enemy with brute force. Effect: The weapon deals an extra +2K damage, and you take a -1d penalty to Parrying with this weapon. This weapon has a +0 Penetration modifier. This Trait may only be applied to bladed Melee Weapons.

A weapon with the ‘Compact’ quality is small enough to fit in a wing dock (either a knife dock for a melee weapon or a pistol dock for a ranged one).

This weapon has an incredibly long range, and gains a +1d against anything further than 100dm away, and gains a +3d bonus against an enemy in Orbit or on another continent. However, the weapon is still controlled by a person, and may not be fired against enemies that the player cannot see or do not have accurate coordinates provided for by a third party. For such long distance shots, it is up to the GM whether such a shot is possible.

Due to either complex power requirements, staggering weight, or the need for bracing beyond that which can be provided otherwise, the weapon must be mounted in some fashion in order to be used; either using a deployable support rest, or on the Angel’s chassis itself by interfacing with pre-installed weight distribution, power feed and shock reduction systems, to offset its outstanding requirements. Mounted weaponry cannot be fired from a non-mounted position. The weapon must be mounted on an Angel equipped with the Heavy Chassis upgrade. Fitting the weapon to an Angel requires a Full Action. The weapon still requires two hands to operate, but is Braced by default when mounted. A Heavy weapon, while mounted on a Heavy Chassis, reduces the Angel’s Coordination by -2d.

Masers, as high-intensity microwave weapons, pass through most forms of matter with little to no impediment and can cause severe internal damage to most organic structures. Effect: This quality bestows the Proven(4) quality, and always does at least 4 damage.

Positron weaponry fires a dense and powerful beam of positrons, the antimatter equivalent of electrons. At sufficiently high outputs, Positron Weaponry has the unique destructive power to penetrate an active Anima Field. Effect: Positron Weapons have a high Penetration.

This weapon is designed for pinpoint accuracy. When using this weapon, the pilot may spend a whole action to gain +2d for aiming, instead of 2 actions.

With a vibrating weapon, the constant oscillating motion of the blade results in multiple impacts per second to create a shredding effect more like a jackhammer than a knife. Progressive Weapons take this one step further by oscillating at such high speeds that the friction causes the blade of the weapon to become white hot. The Progressive special quality can only be applied to bladed weapons, increasing the penetration of the weapon by 1.

The outer edge of the weapon is replaced by a complex array of conductors and coils, enabling it to dispense ultra-high voltage shocks to the enemy on contact. While exceptionally painful, electrocuting something the size of an God to death is almost impossible. Effect: The weapon deals an extra +2K damage and increases its Pen by 1, but, no matter what the damage rolled is, it cannot deal more than 1 Critical Damage per attack. The damage type of this weapon changes to Energy.

This weapon is designed to be thrown at the enemy in addition to its role as a Melee
weapon. It may be thrown using a Ballistic Skill test, and has a range of 4*Body. This
cannot be applied to Natural Weapons.

Weapon Qualities

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