In the fight against the Gods, nothing short of the survival of the human race is at stake. To this end, there is no cost, no amount of resources, that would be considered too high to devote to the cause of the Consortium and the Angels. Even so, resources are limited by what can be produced. While it has resulted in the economic collapse of more than one country, Osenvar’s production capacity has been utilized by the UN to produce virtually all of the weapons for the Angel program in state of that art, modular factories designed to produce many different kinds of A-Scale firearms with only a few days to modify the equipment between production runs, often saving resources further by cannibalizing old, discarded weapons. Given this sort of backing, each Player’s access to these resources has been abstracted into a pool called Weapon Upgrade Points (WUP).

Each player has access to a limited amount of WUP. This requisition is spent at the beginning of each new God attack to buy the weapons they will be using for that battle. At the end of each battle, players have the option of re-spending their requisition as they see fit, but it is important to note that weapons purchased by requisition are on-loan only. If the player does not re-spend the necessary requisition for the weapon at the start of their next mission, they no longer have that weapon available until such a time until they DO allocate their WUP to use it again. Regardless of WUP costs, none may not have more than 2 of any given weapon at a time.

Independent of what they purchase with their WUP, each pilot begins play with 1 Handcannon and 1 Progressive Knife. These weapons are always available to the pilots, regardless of how much WUP they have or what they spend it on. They are not required to deploy with either, but they may not permanently trade it away or lose it.

Specific Melee Weapons
→ Progressive weapons, etc.

General Melee Weapons
→ Swords, knives, and spears, and Buster-swords

Ballistic Ranged Weapons
→ They fire bullets. Lots of big bullets. Bullets the size of houses.

Ranged Upgrades
→ Attachments for your gun(s).

Maser Weaponry
→High-intensity microwave weapons, very reliable damage.

Positron Weaponry
→Dense and powerful beam of positrons, the antimatter equivalent of electrons. Can penetrate Soul Fields… hopefully.

N2 Shells
→Tactical non-nuclear warheads inside of bullets. What more can someone ask for?

Weapon Qualities
→ A glossary for your convenience.


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