Zeruel appears as a floating creature as large as the Evas but
lacking humanoid limbs, with a malformed “skull” as a face.
Zeruel possesses one of the most powerful Angel beam attack to
date (which, like Sachiel’s, detonates into the shape of a
Christian cross) which it can fire several times in rapid
succession. It also possesses folding foil-like “arms” that it uses
as cutting weapons in close-range combat. These “arms” can
breach most materials with relative ease. It also uses these
“arms” to crawl about when it breaks into Central Dogma from
the Geo Front. The Angel has a relatively powerful A.T. Field,
and its armor-like “skin” is strong enough to endure the point-
blank detonation of an N² bomb completely undamaged even
without the usage of an A.T. Field. All in all, Zeruel is one of the
most powerful Angels ever seen. Its core is located on its chest.
Zeruel literally means Arm of God.

  • body 4
    • weapon 3
    • Parry 4
  • coordination 1
    • Agility 1
    • ballistics 1


  • multiactions at no die penalty (still smaller pool)
  • fear rating 4
  • block 9d, nullify 9d, harm area 8 9d, again with range&mass
Roll Area AR Wounds
10 Head 10 30
8 L. Arm 6 15
7 R. Arm 6 15
6, 5 Core 6 30
4-1 Body 10 45
  • Weapons: Foil Arm – Reach 8 dam; Flexible. This Weapon automatically deals 1d10 Critical Rending
    Damage to anything it hits, and its effect applies multiple times per Action.
  • Armored Core: Zeruel’s Core is defended by a heavily armored membrane that activates when
    Zeruel detects an attack aimed directly at it. Any attack specifically aimed at the core (such as a
    Called Shot) is redirected to the body unless Zeruel was successfully Feinted first (although a
    randomly rolled hit on the core is treated as normal).

Superheavy Shell: Each body location on Zeruel has a layer that absorbs and softens attacks that
would make other Angels recoil in pain. Any attack with a Penetration that fails to overcome its AP
halves its rolled damage and may not provoke a Righteous Fury.
Ultimate Shield: Zeruel’s ability to deflect kinetic energy, rebound slashing implements and
outright stop force is unparalleled, causing even the strongest instances of massive damage to be but
mere chips on its armor. If an attack would deal more than 10 damage to Zeruel after TB and AP
reduction are applied, instead it deals 10 damage.

In the series, Zeruel is the only Angel who ever managed to breach Nerv defenses by sheer
force. In the progression of Angels in your game, Zeruel represents the point in the
campaign where the gloves have come off and everything becomes much, much harder.
Generally good at everything, Zeruel is an Angel not to be trifled with. With the ability to
use Rising Cross on multiple targets at once and powerful, long range foil arms, there is no
safe way to attack Zeruel save extreme range, which limits your options significantly.
Zeruels special defenses also make killing it incredibly difficult, even for a combat
specialized group. As such, it is likely that this combination of incredible defense and
offense will cause Zeruel to walk right over your players. This is not a design flaw. Defeating
Zeruel at all is a feat in itself. Defeating Zeruel by anything other than the skin of your teeth
is a sign that the GM is holding back.
Zeruel is already very powerful, so it would be unwise to modify his weapons further.
Possible modifications to Zeruel include the ability to teleport short distances, an ability to
absorb Energy based damage or an EMP that can temporarily knock out the city’s power
grid (negating the use of umbilical cables or stunning all Conventional Forces on the field
for 1d5 rounds).


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